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    Roofs are important components of today’s buildings. They serve to protect the people inside the building and to save energy. Therefore, it is important for people to maintain their roofs.

    Thousands of years ago, people who lived in caves used sod roofs covered with plants and earth for insulation. Clay tiles were used in ancient China, Greece, and Babylon. In 12th century England, clay tiles were used to replace thatched and wooden roofs because they could withstand fires better. The changes in roofing materials occurred over the last two centuries, including the introduction of asphalt in the 19th century.

    Today, roofing materials vary depending on the locality and the personal preferences of the homeowners. Asphalt composition shingles and metal roofs are two of the most popular roofing materials in urban areas like Miami. Other materials that can be used include wood, slate, and even ceramic tiles.

    Some maintenance procedures can be used on all roofs, while other procedures are specific to the type of roof. For example, cleaning a slate roof requires more care because slate can be slippery. Likewise, cleaning roofs with corrugated surfaces can prove to be more difficult than cleaning roofs with smooth surfaces.

    If you are not sure about how to do the maintenance of your Miami roof, you can ask a professional provided by Miami roofers to do it for you. If you want to do it yourself, you can check the condition of your roofs at least once a year.
    Roofing Brothers Meridian can inspect the surface of your roof, as well as the chimneys and flashings. Use a ladder and follow all the safety measures. Nothing beats the safety, though, that professional roofers can provide.

    You risk damaging the roof and gutter while inspecting it. To prevent this, put a timber block inside the part of the gutter where your ladder is resting. To be safe, walk along the nail lines on steel roofs. On tile roofs, use a wooden plank to avoid slipping. You can consult your Miami roofer for more information on the different roof materials.

    Clean your roof every three to twelve months. The cleaning frequency depends on your location and your roof material. For instance, if you live near highly industrial areas – like a factory that produces a lot of smoke – you may have to clean more often. As mentioned earlier, you can have your Miami roofer send someone to do the cleaning and maintenance of your roof for you. Nothing beats the safety that professional roofers can provide. For more information on maintaining roofs, read this article: consumerbuild.org.nz/publish/maintenance/ext-roofs-gen.php.