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    Each year the Consumer Union rates automobiles for infrequency of reported serious problems by model and model while. It rates a model, for each model year offering the requisite data, as "Much Better than Average," "Better than Average," "Average," "Worse than Average," and "Much Worse than Average." In 2010, it reported these ratings inside of the April 2010 issue of Consumer Reports, Consumer Reports: New Car Buying Guide: 2010, and Consumer Reports: Used Car Buying Guide: 2010.

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    Consumer Reports’ 2010 survey provides data on 1.3 million vehicles. As it queries for serious problems, it is incredibly regarded by many people consumers who plan in order to a used, as well as new, vehicle. Reliability ratings for used cars based on its 2010 survey will out in very late 2010 and early and mid 2011, if past publication history holds within the present.