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The AccTech Institute was formed in order to create educational Continuing Professional Development (CPD) content for chartered accountants regarding the effect that rapidly advancing technologies will have on the accounting profession.

Exponential technologies are rapidly affecting industries globally, and are challenging the standard methods that many industries and companies have been measured by in the past. This has dramatic effects in the accounting profession. Not only do CA’s need to equip themselves with the knowledge of these technologies in general, but also how they will affect the various industries and companies, and relating that back to accounting and reporting standards.


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Why AccTech

The AccTech Institute provides insight into these disruptive technologies, their current status and how they are likely to affect industry. Selected disruptive technology experts, in their relevant fields, will discuss these technologies, after which the learning material is provided to ensure application and understanding. Included in each module is a case study, content for further education, podcasts by technology experts, and discussion forums.

The AccTech Institute is a partnership between Accounting Professional Training(APT), Paper Plane Ventures and SovTech. Bringing technology and accounting expertise and experience together.


The content and courses are curated by APT professionals, coupled with opinions from some of the leading professionals in their various fields of technology. APT is the South Africa’s leading presenter of preparation courses for the SAICA APC Examination.

Each course provides applicable, real world examples of how to address and apply disruptive technologies to today’s business. Additional insights from the relevant technology experts enhances the understanding and learning experience.

Each case is at the forefront of thinking given the application of disruptive technology in business today. No where else will you find curated academic material focusing on these concepts on the continent.





Accounting for Disruptive Technologies

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